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Top 5 Biggest Casinos in Europe

When you think of casinos, you typically envision hypnotic lights and the roaring of slot machines somewhere in Las Vegas. However, that isn’t the only city to host some of the most extravagant casinos. Have you ever considered a gambling trip to some of the casinos in Europe?

Europe has a vast amount of culture and history. But it also accommodates some of the biggest, most luxurious casinos in the world. These European casinos offer a classy experience with some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.

If you’re looking for some of the best casinos in Europe online, such as casinoeuro, the list of options is quite extensive. To find out more about these land-based options, we’ve spoken to our expert from Sweden, Dominic Andreasson.

Casino di Campione, Italy

Founded in 1917 on the edge of Lake Lugano, many know casino di Campione as Europe’s oldest and largest casino. The Italian government initially operated it during the First World War as a base for collecting insight from foreign diplomats.

Eventually, Swiss architect Mario Botta designed a new space and moved the casino. The casino houses an astounding nine floors containing around 556 slot games and tables. There are also three exclusive bars and restaurants inside. And three additional levels solely for parking space.

All of this covers about 590 000 square feet of land. It’s no wonder that it is known as Europe’s largest casino.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

This grand casino was first designed 157 years ago in 1863. The casino fits in flawlessly with Monaco’s expensive and flashy surroundings.

Thanks to its numerous appearances in Hollywood blockbusters, Casino de Monte Carlo is one of Europe’s most famous casinos. This marvellous location has ornate ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and rich tapestries.

There are around 300 slot games and tables to choose from. It also houses a famous ballet company, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, and a renowned opera house, Opera de Monte-Carlo. You can also have an exquisite meal at any of the 18 classy restaurants.

The Ritz Club, London

The Ritz Club is one of Londons most exclusive casinos accessible only by club members. The club has been around since 1977.

The Ritz Club is one of the most famous casinos worldwide, and due to its elite nature, it isn’t easy to get a membership. There’s also a stringent formal dress code to be followed. The gaming floor crosses through a few rooms and offers three private rooms for more distinguished guests.

There are 8 table games offered on the main floor. There is also an award-winning restaurant and bar.

Casino Estoril, Portugal

Casino Estoril is in the southwest of Lisbon in a beautiful coastal area. Lisbon is a trendy tourist destination. This casino has been around since 1916 and is one of the largest running casinos in Europe.

The casino has a reputation for supposedly housing spies during the Second World War, even becoming the inspiration for some Hollywood blockbusters. The Estoril provides an astounding 1200+ slot machines and table games.

There’s also an exquisite poker room that’s famous globally for its beauty and frequent tournaments. You will have a variety of food and drink options as the casino accommodates ten restaurants and bars.

Resorts World, UK

Resorts World is located in Birmingham and is relatively new, having opened its doors in 2015. It has quickly become Britain’s largest casino. It bears a striking resemblance to some of the flashier casinos you’d expect to see in Vegas.

There are more than 200 slot machines and table games offered and a few VIP rooms. Resorts World also hosts several different bars and restaurants. The casino houses a cinema and a spa, with a 4-star hotel on site.

All of this spans across almost 60 000 square feet.

In Conclusion

These European casinos offer not only old-class and rich culture, but they also provide some of the most top-notch services around. The European entertainment industry has plenty to offer and is one of the most exclusive gambling continents worldwide.

Oct. 22, 2020, 12:27 p.m.